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The Heat is On!

Summer is just around the corner, but things are already heating up! As many of you know air conditioning is essential to survive the heat wave of summer time. No one likes to live in a hot house much less drive a car with no A/C. Curry's has some helpful information to make sure that your car's A/C system is blowing cold air on these hot summer days in Atlanta!!!

1) Get your vehicles A/C system checked out now. Better to do so now then when temps are approaching 100 degrees. The air conditioner is not always included in a standard check so it can easily be overlooked. Below are somethings that you definitely want to make sure are inspected:

  • Air vent temperature check

  • Reclaiming, recycling or replacement of operating gas

  • Replacement or check of receiver drier / filter

  • Adjustment of drive belts and pulleys

  • Check operation of valves and thermostats

  • Leak test of system lines and components

  • Inspection of hoses and components

  • Cleaning condenser fins

  • Deodorize and sanitize system

2) Leave your car windows cracked. An A/C system works by removing heat, so the cooler the interior is to start with, the easier and faster the A/C will do its job.

3) When you get in the car put down all car windows to let the heat out quickly.

4) When you first turn on the A/C set it to MAX and then once the car cools lower the settings.

5) Perhaps your air stinks like smelly gym socks? If so, switch to outside air mode frequently to prevent the system

from stinking up your car.

As always, we appreciate you visiting our site! Please feel free to stop in, say hello and grab a bag of our famous Curry's Caramel Popcorn!


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