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Put a Little Spring In Your Car's Step

Let's face it. Winter isn't just hard on you; it can be hard on your car too. At Curry's, we know what it takes to get your car revved up for spring time. Here are low-cost tips to give your car some extra attention so it functions best in the spring sun shine. 1. Change your wiper blades. Even though we have not had that rough of a winter down south and avoided a ton of frosted windshield mornings, changing out your wiper blades is a great go-to coming out of winter. Blades are specified by their length in inches, so round up to the nearest inch if your blades are a fraction over a whole inch. 2. Check your breaks. It's good to check your breaks throughout the year anyways. See if you have any premature break wear. Bring it by the shop and let a member of our team take a good look. 3. Make sure your tire pressure is strong. Most owner manuals tell you what pressure your tires need to stay near in order to optimize your driving experience and fuel efficiency. Many local gas stations have free or cheap air pumps if your tires need air. 4. Clean out your trunk.We tend to keep random things in our trunks throughout winter so that we do not have to go in and out of the house that often. Get rid of anything that does not need to be there year round. Your shocks and gas bill will thank you for it. 5. Scrub the car down inside and out. Knock off some of that winter gloom with a thorough car wash including a vacuum, shampoo, and dash wipe down. We promise you and your car will both feel better. Here at Curry's, we know what it takes to whisper to cars; these five tips will make sure your car is ready to hop into spring and leave the gloomy days of winter behind.

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