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3 Extra's That Prove Curry's Is Different in 2015

As most of us do, we cannot help but look internally when the new year rolls around; since we strive to improve as a company year in and year out, our leadership team always want to differentiate us against our competition. Being an auto body shop is not enough for us. Curry's wants to be a noticeable force in our area. Here are 3 Extra's that Prove that Curry's is Different in 2015: 1. Our People: Ask any of our customer and we know they will tell you that Curry's team greats you with a smile, an accurate assessment of what you need, and timely service at a valuable price. Curry's can do this because of the quality people it has as owners and as team members. 2. Our Participation: Curry's is a pillar in the local community through many of its charitable campaigns throughout the year as well as its involvement in civic and religious activities. 3. Our Popcorn: You didn't think we would forget this, did you? It's our goal to make sure your needs are met and that you walk away sharing your story with others. We don't just want to be an auto body shop but we want to be a positive face in our community

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