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It's The Little Things that Makes Curry's a Big Deal.

A note from a friend of Curry's Collision: "Dear Curry's Collision, I want to thank you for being you. What you guys have and do is special. When you took me on a tour the other day, I was amazed at all the "little things" you do. Like, having rolling carts that store the removed parts during repairs - and not putting them on the floor, back seat or in the trunk. The other thing I noticed - which is most important to me - is how well you treat your customers. You treat them like family. Seldom do you walk in the front door of a business and feel like a cousin that stopped by the house for a visit. As I sat in the lobby I noticed the smiles and laughter coming from both employees and the customers. To me, that says a lot. Not only are people satisfied, they are appreciated. Keep up the great work!"

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