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Curry's Kids Go To Camp!

This past week, Curry's sponsored six children and sent them on an overnight adventure to Camp Skipstone! Skipstone Adventures is what they call their summer camp program. It's located here in our backyard in Griffin, Georgia. We love what they stand for and the fact that they cater to children from all walks of life.

It was such a blessing to be able to send kids to camp. Our involvement in the community goes beyond repairing cars, but it's about leaving an impact on every age--young and old.

At Camp Skipstone, "it's our goal to make your week at camp the BEST week of your life! Our dedicated staff, meticulously plans each and every game, meal, service and activity to create memories that will last forever. All things are possible at Camp Skipstone...come explore the possibilities this summer!"

If you think you may be interested in sending your child or sponsoring a child to go to camp head over to and check out what they are all about! I can assure you your kiddos will have a blast and will talk about it until next summer rolls around. :)

We hope you and your family take some time to enjoy all that summer brings!


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