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Curry's Employees Speak Out!

As much as we strive to treat our customers with utmost respect, we do our best to treat our employees the same way! There are several employees of ours who have been with us for a long time (5+ years), and in this industry that's not always the case. We definitely have some very loyal employees and we appreciate what they bring to Curry's.

We believe in treating our employees as if they were family. In doing so, we recognize their unique abilities and talents and applaud them for the great job they do around the shop. Truth be told, without their skill set Curry's couldn't function!

We've gone on fishing trips, had parties, gone bowling and much more. We realize that good help is hard to come by and so we do our best to show them how grateful we are for what they do for the shop!

Here are a few video clips of some of our employees sharing with you what it's like to be part of the Curry's team!


We hope you will consider stopping in the next time you are in need of autobody repair!


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